The adorable dog Milkshake who won everyone’s heart  is one of the less than 100 pink pugs in the world

A unique pup won  everyone’s attention with his captivating look.

Blue adorable eyes and blush pink unique fur make this dog one of the less than 100 pink pugs in the entire world. Meet, please, Milkshake.

Just a glance is enough to keep the beauty of this dog in your mind for a long time.

Milkshake, who is 2-year-old, won everyone’s heart on Instagram, of course the reason is his eye catching pink fur.

The reason of such a unique color of the fur is the lack of pigmentation, which is probably related to albinism.

Milkshake lives in London. His owner is Maria, who met first Milkshake when he was 10-11-week-old.

The pinky pug stole her heart. Since that they are always together.

We can easily consider Milkshake as a spoiled pet, as he has a luxurious life ad lives in a warm atmosphere full of love and attention.

Before meeting Milkshake, Maria have never seen such a dog before, she had no idea that there is such a beauty in the world. Now she is the owner of this wonderful creature.

His pink coloring doesn’t make the pink pug suffer from any hearing loss or sight loss. So, actually, Milkshake is very healthy and happy dog.

He is very famous on social media and has many followers. People send messages to Maria asking her to post more photos of this adorable dog.

The lovely pug is very friendly. Like other pets, he also like cuddling, playing all day long.

He has regular daily walks, trips to spa,  visits to some restaurant and, of, course, photoshoots.


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