Shelter puppy suited and booted in a pup-sized tuxedo waited for his new family which never appeared

Every dog dreams of having a sweet forever home with kind and caring humans. So, when that joyful day came, the

excited dog was dressed in tuxedo, to have a proper look for that happy occasion.

Vicente, a 3-month old abandoned puppy, was waiting for his humans to be, but, unfortunately, they never showed up.

All the documentations were already ready for the adoption, but, at the last moment, the family changed their mind and didn’t arrive.

The adoption failed, poor Vicente’s heart was broken.

The shelter staff also were so much disappointed. They took some pictures of dressed, unhappy puppy and post them on the social pages with his sad story.

The responses were impressive. Many people expressed their sympathy and admiration and good wishes to the little dog.

There were also many offers for adoption.

However, Rescátame Foundation had to be this time too strict and cautious with all the proposals regarding the adoption of little Vincent, in this way, trying to avoid the future disappointment.

The shelter staff wanted their furry ones to appear in caring and good hands, so that they were confident for their safe and happy lives.

Eventually, after accurate searching, Vicente found a forever home.

The shelter wrote in social pages that Vicente was already adopted by a wonderful family.

This announcement broke many people’ heart. However, there are so many adorable pups in the shelter waiting for their families.
Vicente now enjoys his new life and is very happy.


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