Rescue dog Lana dragged her favorite blanket outside to share it generously with a freezing homeless dog

Dogs are so gentle and generous creatures, who always are ready to help those in need.

They never stop to admire people with their kind actions.

This time the object of admiration is a rescue puppy Lana, who surprised her adoptive parents with his unbelievable gesture.

Lana spent her 8 months of life on the streets before being adopted by a kind couple, who gave her not only a safe and warm shelter, but their love, comfort  and care, as well.

She used to have a harsh life, but now the majestic fate gave her an opportunity to taste the sweet part of this life, as well.

So she gradually turned into a spoiled puppy.


Lana fell in love with her adoptive parents, Suelen and her husband, at the first sight.

Though, her humans were so kind and caring, Lana kept sleeping in the backyard, and as soon as the temperature started to decrease, Suelen gave her a soft blanket to warm.

This warm blanket became Lana’s favorite thing, she liked not only to nap on it, but to play with it, as well.

One cold morning, Suelen’s husband witnessed an incredible scene, when he was going to his work. He saw that Lana dragged her beloved blanket outside, sharing it with a freezing stray dog.

Lana’s generous gesture amazed her parents, it was so touching, what she did for the poor dog.

They were trying to approach to that puppy to check if he has an ID tag or not, but the scared dog run quickly away.

The kindhearted couple was ready to do for this stray dog the same, as they did for their Lana, to give him or her their care, love and a forever sweet home.


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