He was born different and grew up fearing humans, but now he’s loved around the world

You’re special, love you little angel 💞

Different is beautiful❤ You’re going to fall in love… 💞💞💞
So he was born different. he still can be a love on… We hope he has someone to play with.

This very special pup is one of only 15 dogs of his kind in the world… but his Mom would probably say there’s nobody quite like him.

This adorable fur-baby was born with a [rare di.sorder] called short [sp.ine syn.drome].
As his Mom says: He’s a true German Shepherd… just shorter.

He was found as a stray dog in Kentucky. Quasi was sc.ar.ed of humans and very s.hy. But after he got to know a loving human named Rachel, his personality came out.

These days he’s enjoying life running in the snow, playing with his friends, and chasing girl dogs.

Such a beautiful dog! 😍

He has to do some things differently from other dogs, like eating his food without bending down, but he’s now a happy, carefree pup who has found fans all over the world….!

He’s so beautifully sweet, …
Bless him so lovely he is! ❤❤❤

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