Friendly shelter dog begging for love put his tiny paws out of his enclosure to hold the passerby hands

Dogs are very friendly and kind creatures, who love the companion of people very much.

They, as every living souls, need to be loved.

This adorable dog shows his friendly manner to everyone passing by his enclosure by putting his paws out to say “hello”. With this lovely manner, he won everyone’s heart.

Speck appeared at the Bullock County Humane society since 2018. Though he is a very kind, gentle and friendly soul, he couldn’t find a forever home.

2-year-old dog reaches his little paw out, every time someone is passing. Speck wants someone touch him, hold his paw.

He wants to attract people, to gain their hearts and to enjoy their love and warmth.

But the things has changed when his pictures appeared at the social media pages, where he showed his love to people.

Desiray, the director of the shelter, wonders why none wants to adopt such a friendly, lovely dog. So, she decided to show him to the society.

Soon, his pictures went viral. Many people showed an interest to adopt Speck.

Those, who had not an opportunity to adopt him, they just tried to help the shelter somehow, sending gifts or food or donations.

Eventually, this adorable dog found a forever sweet home in New York, which was the best version for such a friendly dog.

The family has a 26-acre farm, where Speck can run and enjoy his freedom.

Thanks to the touching pictures, not only Speck could find a lovely family, but they helped some fur animals to be rescued.


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