Caring and kind dog become an adoptive mom of two abandoned and confused kittens found in the backyard in New York City

There is a misconception that dogs and cats are forever enemies, and a friendship between these two animals is almost impossible.

But this touching story showed that, indeed, it exists a good relationship between dogs and kittens.

A gentle pup adopts two little timid kittens and their adorable bond won everyone’s heart.

When a kindhearted woman, Asa learned that there are found two abandoned kittens in a backyard, who need a help, she immediately  took them under her sweet home-shelter without hesitation.

Two little  souls were about 11 weeks old, who were very scared and shy.

As Asa owned a dog, named Kona, she didn’t know how it will be the reaction of her beloved pet, when the two kittens arrive.

But her worries were in vain, as Asa’s kind companion excepted the new members of the family surprisingly very well.

Asa is a big animal lover. Over the years, she has fostered more than 160 helpless animals, finding for  them a sweet home.

Yet she hasn’t seen her beloved dog so much devoted to any animal, she used to foster before, as it’s with these two adorable kittens, which names are Blair and Chester.

As soon as they met each other, Kona loved them so much, that started to protect and comfort them in the sweetest way.

She seemed to become their adoptive mother or babysitter.

Due to their hard life in the streets, the poor kittens were very timid and confused.

They were afraid of humans, but, thanks to the kind dog’s efforts, care and love, they learned to trust people and soon became socialized.

Now Chester and Blair live happily with their beloved friend Kona and their kindhearted human Asa in a warm forever home.


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