Adorable lion cubs and their mother by crossing the road started to play and fight with each other blocking the traffic

Nobody likes traffic jams, where you have to lose your time in vain, just waiting and doing nothing.

Traffic blocks are so irritating and annoying, especially when you are in a hurry to your work or back home.

But there are some cases when traffic jams can be pleasant, for example a bike race or a parade.

But this is absolutely a different case.

Imagine you got nervous while driving, encountering a street block, but suddenly a beautiful view opens in front of you.

And you are a witness of an adorable scene, where just in the middle of the road you see a majestic mother lion with her cute little cubs playing and cuddling and even fighting with each other.

South Africa is just the exact place, where you can be a witness of such a beautiful view.

This fantastic scene happened at the Kruger National Park. It was about 6:00 am, when a couple, Anton and Michelle, had to stop their car because of the traffic block.

Suddenly, they saw an incredible scene:a lion family just stopped in the middle of the road.

Apparently they came out from the bushes to cross the road, but, maybe the cubs didn’t have the mood to walk, and changing their mind, they decided to take their time to sleep there.

They just were woken up and wanted to gather some energy by playing and fighting each other.

The couple got astonished seeing the playtime of those pack of lion cubs.

They have never been so close to any wild animal before, so they had a unique opportunity to enjoy their time by watching the adorable play of that gang.

While waiting in their vehicle until the lion family finished their play, the couple took some photos and post them on the social media pages, which stole many people’s hearts.

Anton and Michele will never forget this exiting view.


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